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nDocFlow Document Management App


nDocFlow Enterprise Document Tracking Application

nDocFlow is a document tracking application for monitoring, managing, and tracking the lifecycle of documents and related workflow processes.


  • Document tracking and notification
  • Know how your documents travels to the point of approval
  • Locate documents by name or by keywords
  • Edit and update existing transactions
  • Support active directory sign on
  • Support SAP and Oracle identity management
  • Each user is assigned to group privileges


  • Unified document and data Management
  • Document version control
  • Automatic document matching and verification
  • Quick workflow setup
  • Easy to customize workflows and processes
  • Cloud or On-premise deployment, API for integration with 3rd-party systems
  • Operation process monitoring and improvement capabilities

Automated Document Processing

  • Graphical workflow editor for quick workflows setup and automation
  • Repetitive document processes like contract approvals and account payables
  • Transition and validation rules for automated workflows, Excel-like formulas
  • Data import and export to MS Word and MS Excel