Seismic Data Processing

Narag Energy Solutions provides seismic data processing. Our unique solutions is based on our experience reprocessing data for clients for over 15 years Our seismic data processing workflow include the following:

  1. Thin-bed pay resolution and detection by interpretive spectral decomposition.
  2. Identify structural and stratigraphic edges.
  3. AVO and seismic inversions.
  4. Time and depth processing.
  5. Land, marine and transition zone seismic processing.
  6. Surface referencing for accurate NMO and migration.
  7. Linear & Organized noise attenuation technologies.
  8. Seismic data management services.
  9. Seismic data reprocessing to complement exploration and development studies.

Other seismic processing services include: Pre-Stack Time Migration and 4th Order NMO Isotropic and Anisotropic processing tools.