VolantBA® Hydrocarbon Accounting & Back Allocation Portal

VolantBA - Hydrocarbon Accounting & Back Allocation Portal provides online portal for full hydrocarbon accounting for any number of streams for oil, gas and water and supports client-specific back allocation and hydrocarbon accounting and reconciliation workflows. Allocation and reconciliation are done for oil, gas and water for unlimited number of streams. The portal is available at an annual subscription as hosted services or on-prem.

VolantBA Provides:

  1. Standard back allocation and reconciliation by company-specific rules and workflows, including updated API 12.3 volumetric shrinkage due to blending and mixing and other loss allocation rules
  2. Volume and mass allocation and reconciliation
  3. Allows for unlimited number of hydrocarbon streams (consumed, injected, nC compositional streams)
  4. Allows for pipeline allocation to include updated API 12.3 volumetric shrinkage, loss allocations (including Nigerian NUPRC, Canadian, etc and other modified allocations models)
  5. Pipeline pressure profile
  6. Regulatory reporting and user ad hoc reports templates personalized or published company-wide
  7. Unlimited user/project-team customizable portals, workflows, data flows and data validations

VolantBA provides a robust portal for collection of daily hydrocarbon production data (including associated field operations data), data validation, intelligent alarm systems, production allocation, hierarchical approval system, reconciliation, carry-over well tests, and generation of automated manual ad hoc reports.

VolantBA allows for pipeline allocation and reconciliation. It supports API 12.3 and 12.3 Modified for fluid shrinkages, and back allocations theft volumes, consumed stream, reinjected or other losses.

Allocation can be done using mass instead of volume if the user prefers.

The following are some of the key features of VolantBA.

  1. Flexible data collection (production data are collected from SCADA/data historian, web portal, excel import, manual input, or API connection).
  2. Pipeline allocation integrated or separated as required
  3. VolantBA allocation engine runs on all major web browsers, including Microsoft, Android, MacOS and Linux.
  4. Over 50 automated error-checks are performed on imported data for human errors.
  5. Admin and sub-admin users can set automated alarm systems delivered to their target audience by email or SMS.
  6. Production allocation is done on any actual or theoretical well-test selected and carried over indefinitely.
  7. Can integrate the capture for gas volume measurement from round charts (planimeters) where OEM look chart-volume conversion tables are available.
  8. Captures daily theoretical volumes for allocation computation where there are no electronic recorders or real-time systems to measure daily well production volumes.
  9. Provides for capturing of well test data and validation processes.
  10. Provides network (stream-node) configuration network.
  11. Users can insert derive meters at any location of the network.
  12. Accurately calculates daily, monthly allocations.
  13. Reports gas allocation computation results in different disposition tranches (sales, theft, fuel, gas lift, flare, export).
  14. Fast computational runs for monthly allocations. Typically runs under 10 minutes for facility with 200 wells and 7 flow stations.
  15. Data security and user roles are robust and heretical. All changes to data are captured, including user location at time of changes. System has one supper admin and sub-admins with limited privileges to manage their user group members.
  16. Hosting is on cloud or on premises. All computations are performed on the cloud server, not on user system, so users can access with any popular web browsers and devices.
  17. Supports import/export of historical data.
  18. Supports locking of past records and by date range from changes.
  19. Allows connection with some other databases and data historians, including Aveva platform, Volant E&P, etc.
  20. Data reporting by pre-built report templates, user configurable ad hock reports and connection to Excel.

Data Capture

Data may be entered manually, by email, handheld devices or by SCADA.

Key Benefits of VolantBA Hydrocarbon Back Allocation and Accounting Portal

  1. Ease of implementation. It takes about 1 months for implementation of a medium size installation. Because the tool is easy, users do not need much training to start using the system. Usually, users are up-and-running within 1 day of training.
  2. Lower total cost of ownership. Volant BA is more economical in ownership and operating cost than the other competitive platforms, yet it gives more value our clients.
  3. System availability is over 99% of the scheduled uptime time.
  4. Narag Energy Solutions has available helpdesk with various SLA agreements with clients.
  5. Available Nigerian upstream regulatory reporting templates.

Client/User Operating Systems Supported

The following client/user operating systems were tested with VolantBA version 2022.10: Linux (Buntu), Windows, MacOS and Android.

Request for demo or more information

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