Facility Management

Our Facility Management Unit consists of :

  1. Conceptual and Detailed Engineering Design
  2. Material Procurement
  3. Fabrication and Installation
  4. Project Audit and Due Diligence Services

We are positioned to providing first-class integrated and multidomain engineering solutions. We are also committed to delivering high quality projects on time, at the right cost and under consideration for safety and the environment.

With innovative ideas, process control and proper planning, we are able to handle complex engineering and logistical challenges in various sectors of the industry including Flow Stations, Flow Lines, Gas Processing, gathering & Transport, Marine Platforms, Power etc.

Our Facility Management Services include:

  1. Front End Engineering Design(FEED)
  2. Engineering Material Procurement
  3. Engineering Fabrication & Installation
  4. Facility Maintenance and Upgrade
  5. Facility Inspection, Surveys and Project Management
  6. Instrumentation, Calibration and Control
  7. Cathodic Protection Services
  8. Field Development plan.
  9. Equipment Leasing, Manpower Supply and Operation
  10. Early Production Facility

We project manage while aligning and partnering with proven service providers to deliver integrated solutions. Structure


Narag EPC is structured to provide Discrete or Integrated services as maybe required to ensure complete solutions to our customers. This relieves our customers from the challenges of project management and the headache of dealing with different vendors or associated operations. Our structure helps to ensure that there is accountability for project delivery.