Reservoir Geosciences Services

 Reservoir Static and Dynamic Modelling

Narag Energy Solutions provides geoscience services, including geological and geophysical interpretations, static modeling, petrophysical interpretations and advanced petrophysical modelling. We use state-of-the-art tools with experienced personnel to generate models enabling our clients to maximize hydrocarbon production and maximize recovery.

Our integrated approach to exploration and production incorporates geological data with modern analogues, where required, to develop fit for purpose subsurface models that are representative of the underlying reservoir.

 Sequence Stratigraphy Studies

We provide detailed geologic and stratigraphic informed analysis given available wireline well logs, biostratigraphic information, seismic data, and core data. We achieve this by reflection pattern recognition and integrate same with our expert geologic knowledge to interpret depositional environments with over 95% assets risk reduction in hydrocarbon exploration and production.

Petroleum System Analysis and Basin Modeling

Narag Energy Solutions Limited provides specialized petroleum systems analysis and basin modeling through reconstruction and understanding of the geohistory and thermal evolution of the rocks and generate model that describe the evolution of the hydrocarbon. This is achieved through the application of integrated mathematical algorithms to seismic, stratigraphic, paleontological, petrophysical, well log and geologic data in reconstructing the sedimentary basin evolution also include fluid composition determination, migration and entrapment of petroleum in the subsurface, pore pressure prediction among others, thus providing a dynamic forward model reflecting the geologic processes of the sedimentary basin over a geologic time spans.

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