Reservoir Engineering Service

We provide quality reservoir engineering services to the oil and gas industry. Some of the projects we have completed include:

  1. Field development planning for green and brown fields
  2. Production forecasting, including history matching (stochastic and deterministic studies)
  3. Water injection studies
  4. Water disposal studies
  5. Polymer flooding
  6. Gas injection studies
  7. Gas lift design and field implementation (using our well services team)
  8. Enhance oil recovery studies (EOR), including heavy oil crude field recovery study
  9. Well planning and optimising studies
  10. PVT analysis
  11. Integration of reservoir models economics and other boundaries
  12. Due diligence reservoir engineering assessment

Our studies are done with risk and uncertainty in mind. We include the objective to inform our clients of the possibility ranges of risks inherent the study.

Our key deliverables under well reservoir engineering include determination of following for assets:

  1. Volumetric and Ranges
  2. Dynamic models
  3. Forecasts and Sensitivities
  4. Reserves and Scope for Recovery estimates