Volant® VM

The Oil & Gas Industry Tool

Volant VM is a value monitoring and benchmarking tool, with customized dashboards that shows performance and results against targets or benchmarks.


  1. ·Technical and Commercial data submission
  2. ·Value monitoring & benchmarking
  3. ·Information security and administration
  4. ·Data repositories
  5. ·Tailored to an effective workflow processes
  6. ·Intelligent tools
  7. ·High quality map sets
  8. ·Customised report templates
  9. ·APIs for links to other project or financial portals, including SAP, Oracle Fusion, ERPNext


  1. ·Single point of access to E&P information
  2. ·Timely answers to business questions
  3. ·Tool for data sourcing, data analysis, risk analysis, decision and support
  4. ·Improved productivity through enhanced search, retrieval, and approval processes
  5. ·Better decision making for improved operational effectiveness
  6. ·Secured intellectual property and confidentiality of information
  7. ·Configurable user access
  8. ·Customizable functionalities
  9. ·Compliant with international industry standards (ISO 19008:2016, ISO 27001:2013)
  10. ·Analytics, reporting and subscription tools